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Custom Packaging

We are a manufacturing company in North Carolina producing electric car chargers for residential and commercial use. The chargers can be as small as 12″x12″x8″ or as large as 40″x20″x12″. We want a packaging solutions for this product. They will all be packaged separately and need to travel without being damaged. Do you provide this service?

We build custom print plates for corrugated cartons. Our plates are approximately 50″x20″x20″ and 2000 pounds, but at times they can be as large as 200″x”40″x40″ and weigh up to 9000 lbs. We need packaging – most likely wooden crates – for local and overseas shipments. Will you deliver these packaging crates to our company? When shipping overseas, is specialty packaging needed?

Export Packaging

Does my item need EU Certified Wood or ISPM-15 Certification?

I need to ship electronic to France and want to know if a barrier bag is necessary. How is this determined?

If my item is shipped in a sealed ocean container, why would it need a barrier bag?

Do my items need to be secured in a special way in an ocean container? Can you explain? I am trying to avoid the extra cost.

I need to ship a racing tractor from the US to Germany. How does this occur? In an open container or enclosed? Please explain.

My company produces dental chairs and we need to ship 2 to India. How can we do this affordably?

Military Packaging

What do I need to do in order to get a quote?

What do I need to send with the part or item needing military specified packaging?

Do I have to abide by the packaging requirements of our contract?

How do I know that our item is packaged correctly?

Where will the parts be packaged?

Do I have to use special packaging like Military Standard Packaging?

How do I know that it is packaged correctly?

Where will it be packaged?

What do I need to do?

Rigging/Moving/Plant Closing

I have a industrial machine that is to big for us to handle – 5,000 lbs. and we need to move it out of state. Can you help us?

I have several machines to be transported. Can the items be packed at our facility or do we need to bring them to you for packing?

We have a crew to take apart 2 large industrial machines that need to be moved. Once the equipment is disassembled, can you pack it for us?

We have a large machine coming in from Europe that we cannot handle on our own. Can you unpack it and deliver it to our facility?

We have a business that we are closing. How can you help us?

Wood Boxes/Crates

What are your wood boxes and crates made of?

Are your wood boxes and crates custom or standard sizes?

Are your wood boxes and crates nailed or screwed?

What are EU Certified Wood Boxes and Crates? Is this the same as ISPM-15 Certification?

Are all your wooden boxes and wooden crates EU Certified?

Upon placing an order, how will I receive these wood shipping boxes and wood shipping crates?

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